Occupational Licensing (OL) Information
The Occupational Licensing (OL) Branch is responsible for licensing and monitoring a wide range of motor vehicle related businesses and individuals.

The automobile industry is one of the largest in the United States. There are currently over 31 million vehicles with more than 24 million licensed drivers on the road in California today. The sale and use of automobiles in California has resulted in widely diversified industries that address the various needs of California drivers. The industries range from the initial sale of automobiles, boats, and other vehicles, training of drivers, traffic violator schools, and vehicle dismantlers. For consumer protection the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) has been given the responsibility of regulating these industries. The purpose of the Department’s oversight in these areas is to ensure that the consumer is dealing with reputable individuals and receiving the product that is represented to them.

As part of the application process, OL Inspectors perform background verifications and physically inspect places of business for compliance with applicable laws and regulations. The OL Inspectors routinely monitor businesses for continued compliance and also perform periodic reviews of its licensee’s locations.

The Occupational Licensing Branch is also responsible for overseeing the Employer Testing Program (ETP). The ETP allows authorized employers of commercial drivers to conduct the drive test portion of the state’s commercial driver licensing requirements for Commercial Class A, Class B and firefighter licenses.

Program participants are evaluated for compliance with statutes and regulations. Certified drivers are randomly selected for retest by the department as part of the evaluation.

As of January 1, 2017, OL maintains files for the following licenses:

Dealer – 14,297
Lessor Retailer – 16
Manufacturer – 555
Remanufacturer – 3
Distributor – 148
Employer Testing Program – 157
Transporter – 181
Dismantler – 1,008
Registration Service – 2,180
Vessel Agent – 691
Vehicle Verifier – 3,883
Salesperson – 89,977
Manufacturing Representative – 180
Distributor Representative – 595
Driving Schools
Driving School Owner – 623
Driving School Operator – 576
Driving School Instructor – 3,051
Traffic Violator Schools
Traffic Violator School Owner – 964
Traffic Violator School Operator – 881
Traffic Violator School Instructor – 665